LunchBuddy™ is all about practical everyday design. We take bringing your favorite food anywhere very seriously. Our Lunchboxes, drinking bottles ans accessories are developed by designers and engineers and tested to the limits by our own family and friends. The result: Sustainable, durable and practical items for everyday (ab)use – while always looking the part.

My preferred new lunchbox system! Stable and very good workmanship. It is really very much in. I am enthusiastic and very satisfied. Have also bought the matching bag. Everything very well thought out and a very fair price.


Highly recommended! This Lunchbox is just awesome. I always pack my sandwiches at the top and then lie down my vegetables or fruit sticks. I do not need to take any other boxes with me and have everything in one can! The quality of the tin is also excellent! I also bought the divider and I can recommend it to everyone.


Perfect lunch box. My lunch buddy has actually become my buddy and is allowed to accompany me to the office every day. Tomorrow, for example, there is potato salad and in the top lid a few patties have space. The whole thing can be transported in the perfect bag super, there is even room for a banana or similar. When transporting something with sauce or dressing, ensure upright transport. But do not worry: The bag is also washable;) (My Lunchbuddy was accidentally hijacked along with bag quite a bit …) I think that the combination with the bag also makes a great gift! Anyway, I’m very happy.


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