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LunchBuddy Insulated Cover for Easy Bentobox – Gears

This practical sleeve for the LunchBuddy Easy Bentobox or other comparably sized boxes is a nice complement to your everyday lunchbox.
Measuring 23 cm x 18 cm x 5 cm this neoprene sleeve will protect your lunchbox and keep your food insulated over a remarkable amout of time. The stylish appearance sets your lunchbox apart.

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  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro Fastener; no vinyl/PVC used
  • Dimensions: fits perfectoy LunchBuddy Easy Bento Box and comparable units, ca. 23 cm x ca. 18 cm x ca. 5 cm
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Care: cold machine wash only, do not use dryer

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Gewicht 0,95 kg
Größe 23 × 5 × 18 cm
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